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User Service Agreement of ISLI Registration Management System


    I.About Service Agreement


    1.Confirmation and Acceptance

ISLI Registration Authority (hereinafter referred to as "ISLI RA" ) holds final right to interpret the clauses of User's Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”). ISLI RA shall fully abide by and execute the clauses and operation rules hereof, meanwhile, only when you fully accept the Agreement and complete registration procedures, then you can register as user of ISLI registration management system.


    2.Applicable Scope

The applicable scope includes all services and tools conducting in ISLI registration management system.


    3.Amendment and Modification

ISLI RA shall have the right to amend the Agreement at any time when it's necessary, and shall publish the amended contents on its website when there is any amendment to the Agreement, the amended contents hereof will take effect from the day when they are published. If you continue to use the service of ISLI registration management system, you shall be considered as having accepted the amended content hereof. If you don’t agree the amended agreement, you shall demand to stop receiving service immediately.


    4.Service Object

ISLI RA stipulates that the service of ISLI registration management system (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) will only be provided to users who accept the provisions in the Agreement, the users should be organizations with corporate entities qualification or natural persons with full capacity of civil conducts.


    5.Service Contents and Instructions

(1) ISLI RA is short for ISLI Registration Authority, ISLI RA is responsible for the worldwide promotion of ISLI standard and management of ISLI registration management system, and provides services of registration, ISLI codes allocation and resolution, ISLI metadata query for users applying ISLI standard.


Note: Unless otherwise provided, any content and function that ISLI registration management system increases or strengthens the current services, will be applicable to the Agreement unconditionally.


(2) To use the Service, you shall:

a). be equipped with Internet access devices includes computer, modem etc.

b). undertake telephone charge, Internet charge and all other charges while using the Service.


    6.Modification and Termination of Service

ISLI RA shall have the right to modify or terminate the Service temporarily or permanently in the context of giving notice in advance or reaching an agreement after negotiation.


    II.About User


    7.Tips for User Registration

When you register, you shall:

(1) provide real, accurate, complete and latest information


(2) update your information frequently to meet the above mentioned requirement


Note: When any incorrect, unreal, outdated and incomplete information is provided or ISLI RA has reasonable reasons to question that your information has the above mentioned problems, ISLI RA shall have the right to make suggestions about amendment even suspend the right to use your account, till the problems are solved.


    (3) Keep your registered account and password secure


Note: You shall take good care of your account and password, any consequence caused by the exposure of the account and password shall be undertaken by you yourself only. If you find anyone uses your account and password without authorization, or any situation like infringement of confidentiality regulations, please inform ISLI RA immediately for urgent treatment. ISLI RA shall not be responsible for any loss resulting from you being unable to abide by the Agreement.


    8.User Type and Charge

The registered user of ISLI registration management system includes two types: service code(SC)registrant, i.e. link application service provider (SP), and link code (LC) registrant.


ISLI RA will not charge the users on registration. But to satisfy the demand of information content industry market development, link application Service Provider (SP) can provide non-mandatory paid services around the world, ISLI RA shall have the obligation to demand that the paid services SP or relative organizations provide should abide by the laws of the country and region(especially law against unfair competition and law of data protection), and conform to RAND principle.


    9.User Responsibilities

(1) When you are using the Service, you shall abide by the laws and regulations of that country and region. If ISLI RA has reasonable reasons to question that your action has violated the laws, regulations, rules and acts, ISLI RA can stop to provide services without notice in advance any time.


(2) Stipulations on your information:

    a. Your information submitted to ISLI RAshall be real, complete and valid;

    b. It shall not pertain to fraud, forgery, theft and other crimes;

    c. It shall pose no harm to the interest of any third parties, which includes property right or intellectual property like copyright, patent, trademark and commercial secret etc., right to privacy, right to reputation ... ;

    d. It shall not breach any law, regulation, rule and act;

    e. It shall not contain any content which is defamatory( including commercial defamation), insulting, intimidationor harassing;

    f. It shall not contain any obscenity, violence and children pornography content

    g. It shall not comprise any virus which deliberately damages,maliciously intervenes, secretly intercepts or intrudes any system, data or personal information, and computer programs which disguise as destructive program ,computer worm, time bomb etc.


    10.Privacy Policy

To respect users' privacy is basic policy of ISLI RA. The privacy hereof refers to personal or organization information when users register their accounts, which includes information about organization name, user name, certificate No., contact. For the need of business, ISLI RA has to share registration information with technical provider(TP) and promises not to publish elsewhere or share any information in registration information except to the above-mentioned technical provider, excluding the following situation:

(1) being authorized from users in advance;

(2) demanding to be disclosed for national security, law enforcement or other affairs with public importance, according to the law, legal procedure, lawsuit and/or for the request of public institutions and government departments where the users reside.


III. Disclaimer


(1) ISLI RA shall make sure that the Service will satisfy the demand of users, but will not ensure  the Service will not be interrupted by force majeure factors.


    (2) ISLI RAshall not take the responsibility for the goods' quality, safety, services, legitimacy, fees caused thereby, the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of information when you trade with other users, and if trading parties have performed their duties.


    (3) Your information, including the information provided to ISLI RA when registering or other users when trading, such as data, text, software, audio-video, picture, and other information shall be authentic and reliable. ISLI RA shall not bear any legal responsibilityfor the consequences caused thereby. However, if ISLI RA has reasonable reason to believe that your information will make them bear any legal or moral responsibility, or might influence the implementation of responsibilities of ISLI RA totally or partly, ISLI RA shall have the right to make necessary or proper decision after notification(including but not limited to delete the information).


(4) Due to the matters happen out of reasonable control, including natural disasters, strike, riot, resources shortage, upheaval, war, government actions, communications or other facilities breakdown and other force majeure factors, ISLI RA shall not take the responsibility for data delay or not having the ability to perform the Agreement.


    IV. Intellectual Property

12.Intellectual Property

(1) For the ownership of intellectual property like copyright, trademark of content files which users upload to ISLI registration management system, it shall be confirmed when users and right owners sign relative agreements.


    (2) Any text, picture, graph, audio and/or video in the Service ISLI RAprovides shall be protected from copyright, trademark and/or other property laws, without agreement of relative right owners, the above-mentioned information shall not be published directly or indirectly on any media, broadcast, adapted or republished for the purpose of broadcasting or issuing, or used for any other business purpose.


(3) All rights of the software(including but not limited to image, picture, cartoon, video, recording, music, word and other additional program, enclosed support information) ISLI RA applies when providing the Service belongs to copyright owner, without licensing of the copyright owner, users shall not conduct reverse engineering, reverse compiling and disassembling on the software.


    V. Miscellaneous  


Unless otherwise provided, any notice from ISLI RA will be sent in mail, the mail address is: The mail is deemed to be effectively dispatched after the e-mail is sent for 24 hours. Apart from that, notice can be sent by registered mail(postage prepaid, receipt needed) and it's deemed to be effectively given on the 10th day after the postage is paid.



You shall agree to indemnify ISLI RA against damage when the third parties file claim(including jurisdiction fees and charges from professionals)with ISLI RA for the reason that you breach the Agreement or the provisions referred here and adopted to the Agreement, or you violate the laws and infringe upon the rights of the third parties.


    15.Relationship identification

As registered user, you and ISLI RA are independent contractors, and haven't formed or built any

agency, partnership, joint venture, employer and employee, guarantee and being guaranteed, franchise grant and being granted relationship.



The contents in the Agreement shall be governed by the existing law of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and People's Republic of China. If any clause in the Agreement is ruled to be invalid or unenforceable, the clause should be cancelled and the rest clauses will continue to be effective.


If you have any question about the Agreement, please send mail to for inquiry.